Relay Meetup

A global, online meetup on Relay, the GraphQL client

Our next online meetup

Microsoft Teams and the lessons from Relay

Eloy Durán comes back on the meetup to tell us about his latest endeavour - applying the lessons learned from Relay on Apollo client, at Microsoft Teams!

Join us as we dive deep into how exactly Eloy is doing that, building Relay APIs on top of Apollo, and what type of benefits that brings.

Your natural place for Relay content

The Relay community, while fairly modest in size, is thriving, full of innovation, and as active as ever. This meetup is both a celebration of Relay, as well as a natural place for people using Relay to gather and share knowledge.

Each meetup will feature content on Relay in some form, whether it's an interview, presentation or demo.

All events are fully remote, so anyone can join on equal terms from anywhere in the world. They are broadcasted live on YouTube and recorded so you can watch them at any time.

Get involved

Follow this link to see a list of themes we've planned to cover on upcoming meetups.

Want to present or participate in some other way on an upcoming meetup? Reach out to Gabriel on Twitter (DMs are open).

Don't hesitate to reach out even if you don't have a clear idea of what you'd like to participate with - we'll figure it out together. Sometimes the most simple things or mundane things are the most valuable.

Hi! My name is Gabriel, and I host the Relay Meetup. I'm a long-time user of Relay, and I've been involved with Relay and the Relay community in various capacities throughout the years.

I'm also a partner at Arizon, an IT-consultancy in Stockholm, Sweden.

We love Relay at Arizon, and we want to give back to the Relay community somehow. That's why we decided to launch this meetup, to help provide a natural place for the Relay community to gather.