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Our next online meetup

Gabriel Nordeborn
Joe Savona

Relay core team community Q&A

This entire meetup is dedicated to a community Q&A with the Relay core team. We're joined by Joe Savona and a few more members of the team, and together we'll discuss and explore what the core team is up to and excited about in 2021. We'll also try and have as many questions from the community answered as time allows.

Here's a list of things we'll cover:

  • The Relay hooks API going stable in H1 2021
  • React Server Components + Relay
  • An open source release of the new Rust based Relay compiler
  • Relay IDE support (LSP) currently being worked on
  • Partial rendering (currently experimental)

Got questions for the Q&A? Please DM them to us on Twitter. Don't have Twitter? Join our Discord and PM me (Gabriel Nordeborn#8445) your questions there instead. We'll try and have as many questions as possible answered!

Gabriel Nordeborn
Joe Savona
Rob Richard
Liliana Matos
Sibelius Seraphini

Learning Relay, and the @defer + @stream directives

Join us for an evening of Relay! Sibelius, a well known face in the Relay community, will guide us through how we can use his Relay workshop to get started learning (and teaching!) Relay. Don't miss this if you're curious about Relay but don't know where to get started.

We'll also have Liliana Matos and Rob Richard from come on and talk about the @defer and @stream directives that they've been championing bringing to the official GraphQL specification. We'll cover what those directives do, how you can use them with Relay, and how the work moving them forward in the specification has been.

Joe Savona, from the Relay core team, will join us as well, giving his insight on how Facebook are using said directives.

Gabriel Nordeborn
Jan Kassens
Eloy Durán

Relay in production at Artsy, and updating the cache after mutations

In our first meetup ever, we'll dive deep into the history of Relay at Artsy with Eloy Durán, formerly the Director of Engineering. We'll talk about Eloy's background, how Relay came to Artsy, onboarding new developers to Relay, and how the experience of using Relay at scale has been throughout the years.

In our second segment of the meetup we'll dig into strategies for updating the cache after mutations in a panel discussion with Jan Kassens from the Relay core team at Facebook, and Eloy again. We'll discuss simple as well as more complex scenarios, and what strategies have worked best in the long run for Facebook and Artsy - two very different applications.