Relay core team community Q&A

Meetup #3
Gabriel Nordeborn
Joe Savona

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This entire meetup is dedicated to a community Q&A with the Relay core team. We're joined by Joe Savona and a few more members of the team, and together we'll discuss and explore what the core team is up to and excited about in 2021. We'll also try and have as many questions from the community answered as time allows.

Here's a list of things we'll cover:

  • The Relay hooks API going stable in H1 2021
  • React Server Components + Relay
  • An open source release of the new Rust based Relay compiler
  • Relay IDE support (LSP) currently being worked on
  • Partial rendering (currently experimental)

Got questions for the Q&A? Please DM them to us on Twitter. Don't have Twitter? Join our Discord and PM me (Gabriel Nordeborn#8445) your questions there instead. We'll try and have as many questions as possible answered!



Community Q&A

Joe Savona and a few more members of the Relay core team at Facebook joins us for a Relay community Q&A.

Joe Savona

Joe Savona

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